How does the platform work? Platovonlearning is an online platform where you meet with potential students and Tutors. The students can view Students’ profile, make contact directly on phone, WhatsApp, email or quote via our inbuilt messaging system, post jobs and make bookings for lessons while the Tutors can apply for jobs posted on the site.
How do I register as a Tutor or Student? You need to sign in and register as ‘Tutor’ or ‘Student’ to have access to your dashboard.
What can i do on my dashboard as Students? You can update your basic profile, upload image, add money to your wallet account, post jobs, manage jobs, manage quotations, manage bookings and much more.
What can i do on my dashboard as Tutors? You can update your profile, list your subjects, upload identity documents, update academic and professional records, view total earnings and dues, manage your wallet account, add bank account details, manage bookings and quotations, book job alerts, set booking systems, set business hours, list additional services by locations and post codes and a lot more.
Can I request a quote from Tutors before booking formally? Yes you can. Just go to the Tutor’s page and complete the ‘Request a quote’ form and you will start exchanging messages with the Tutor. You can manage your quotations from your dashboard.
Can i directly invite Tutors for jobs? Yes you can but you need to post the job(s) first from your dashboard before you can send any invitation. We will verify the job before publishing it, then you can send the invites through the ‘Invite for job’ button on the Tutors’ page.
How do I book my lessons? After identifying and probably contacted your potential Tutors, you will make booking reservation on the Tutors’ listing page. You will pick your lesson date and time and proceed to the payment page.
Do I make payment directly to the Tutor? No! All lesson/booking payment must be made through our website. We do this to protect you. Please check our terms of Use on
Where will i meet Tutors for lessons? You can arrange this with the Tutors. It is usually one of these locations, Students’ home, Tutors’ home, Library or online.

How can I review my Tutors’ performance?


How do i enable booking?

 You can add review by signing in and drop the review on the Tutors’ listing page.


Go to your dashboard and add ‘My Services’ to your listing page. Without this, students will not be  able to book lessons with you.