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I’m Sal, a 3rd year Mbiol Biochemistry student and while I am younger than some tutor’s, I have experience of the current curriculum. Been there done that kind of thing. I can tutor any science at ks3 to GCSE level and higher for biology. I tutor mathematics ks2-GCSE by exposing weaknesses and fixing them with practice questions and easier well understood steps to the correct answer. I have received excellent feedback from tutees for both subjects, but this profile will advertise science more as it’s my background, but maths is taught with the same principles. Please read below for my experience, success and detailed tutoring methods for both subjects.
Many hate science because of how “hard” or ” boring” it is. While I have felt science can be taxing, I also know it is so much more. I believe science should be relatable and the main fundamentals should be laid for further knowledge to be built upon. Reaction rates should be compared to a decaying banana, momentum to a car crash and cellular communication to society. This is because Exam boards value scientific application and higher level suggest/evaluate questions are all application based. This way of tackling science is thankfully also so much more fun, a win-win! That said, I also fully understand different students learn in different ways which is why I explain in as many ways as needed to get you to feel confident. I also like to prompt you to “have a go” helping you be more analytical and proactive making the lesson a discussion and not me rambling on for an hour. At the same time, lessons will be taught on a problem-solve bases to cover your weaknesses. This is to keep our lessons focused and rewarding. I can provide homework too!
I have had plenty of experience tutoring within 2 years. In this time, I have regularly tutored 10 students of which I still tutor 6. All my students have vastly improved and I could not be prouder of them all. One student was averaging 9/80 in chemistry exams and is now around the pass mark, another is moving to top set in maths and science and another went from average to scoring second highest in a top set maths class! So, whatever your goal or level, I am confident you will progress with me as your tutor! If I had to confess, I am not the smartest cookie in the jar and I struggled with parts of my education in the past. To get to where I am today, I have developed key revision strategies, a strong base for academic writing (I even wrote a short book on cancer) and a love for science! I am a library mentor at the university and have a strong understanding of how to prepare 1st class reviews, presentations and formal reports for biochemistry. I have several assignments above the 90% mark and average at 80%. I may help in how to prepare such assignments and understand university theory, especially with subjects related to Immunology and cancer. I have helped a friend who averaged 2.2/2.1 in assignments on how to work more smartly/effectively and gave him tips on how to be more evaluative. He is now averaging around 80% in his assignments too and is at a 1st. I also have a 6-month experience as a teacher assistant as well as 1-year supply experience which has given me a strong insight in group-based learning if needed.
You may benefit in letting me know of the subject you wish to study in advance so I can better prepare on how to teach them in the most fun and easy to understand way possible but lessons are high quality regardless. I hope to share this passion for science and maths with you if you let me. Let’s learn about this beautiful world together!!

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