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I hold an Upper Second Class Master’s Degree in Planetary & Space Physics from Aberystwyth University, where I studied between 2014-2018. The course was mostly focused on near-Earth space weather, but I gained a strong base in general advanced physics and mathematical physics fields. I am capable of teaching physics and mathematics at up to A-level and to an extent up to undergraduate level.

I spent most of the 4th year of my masters at the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS) at Longyearbyen in the arctic circle. There I studied space plasmas and the upper polar atmosphere. The highlight of that experience was using data personally acquired from using a European Incoherent Scatter (EISCAT) radar system alongside data from international facilities to monitor and create a report on a developing geomagnetic substorm. Essentially using a radar and other instruments to study the ebb and flow of aurora. I have a particular interest in the Earth’s magnetic field and large, celestial magnetic structures, and would like to study a similar subject for a PhD one day.

I then went to teach in China for 10 months. I taught classes of up to 45 primary school-aged Chinese pupils science in English. I did this between September 2018 to June 2019 (Way before the epidemic). I developed and tailored my own year long curriculum for the children and co-ordinated the lessons with Chinese assistants. I gathered materials for these lessons and often paid for them. During my time at Binhe Primary I got involved in school events such as multi-school competitive plays, student/parent demonstrations, talent shows, festival days and cross-district teacher training. I acquired 120 hour TEFL certificate for the job.

Though my focus is in physics, I have some additional knowledge in other fields that I could teach at a lower level. I also have GCSE’s in biology, chemistry, english language and literature, history, geography, IT, religious studies, and other subjects. I gained straight A’s in all these subjects.

I’ve done on and off volunteering over the years when I was free. I am currently helping with admin work to organise food provision distribution for the Kirkstall Valley Development Trust. In 2016 I volunteered at the National Trust over the summer. With them I took measurements of water retention and temperature of soil on moors, set up cameras to observe wildlife, and documented plant distribution in key areas. I helped guide a helicopter drop-in of materials on the moor in order to construct a series of stream dams. I helped build or repair fences and stiles, picked litter, and filled potholes. In 2015 I volunteered as a cashier at OXFAM.

In my spare time I’m an avid hiker and traveller. I like to scale peaks wherever I can, across Wales, China, and Svalbard. I am currently trying to save up enough money to travel across South America for the summer, if the lockdown scales back. I enjoy cycling, I once did a coast-to-coast bike ride alongside my best friend. I’ve been a TV extra, amateur model, and done

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