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Teacher of Maths at Basil Paterson Secondary
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I’m an experienced tutor with a BA in Philosophy from the University of Cambridge, and a Master’s from the University of Edinburgh, as well as BSc. credits in Maths. I’ve been teaching Maths and Philosophy for more than eight years, both in and out of schools. Over the past few years I’ve taught both subjects at Basil Paterson Secondary and Tutorial College in Edinburgh, so I’m particularly familiar with the GCSE/N5 Maths courses and with Higher Philosophy. During the pandemic, I am offering online tuition via Zoom; face-to-face tuition will resume a.s.a.p.

I’m passionate about both academia and teaching; as much as I like to develop my own knowledge, I find sharing it with others just as satisfying. My students have excellent success rates in achieving (or exceeding) their desired results (some have improved by as much as three grades!), and I try to make sure that they find the learning process as enjoyable as possible.

I’ve taught students of a variety of ages and abilities, from Key Stage 3 Maths through to undergraduate Philosophy. I think that this has provided me with a good understanding of the needs of different students, and has allowed me to tailor my teaching style to each individual. I’ve worked with students with a range of learning difficulties, including dyslexia and dyspraxia, and I have developed teaching approaches to help to address these issues. I also have experience of teaching small groups of pupils and entire classes (at Basil Paterson, the Open Academy in Norwich, and Hartismere High School in Suffolk), so I’m willing to offer joint tuition if this is desired by students.

I don’t have a set approach to tutoring, as I think it is very important to consider the individual requirements of the student. I therefore offer sessions of varying lengths according to the wishes of students, and discuss the aims of their tuition in the first session. After the first lesson, I compile a rough plan of work for future sessions, in accordance with the information given by the student. I generally favour a personal approach; discussion of issues/arguments (in Philosophy) and problems (in Maths), rather than endlessly setting exercises. I do, however, have access to various resources, and use these to supplement discussion where appropriate. I often set a small amount of homework to consolidate the work we’ve done in a session, but this will be discussed with the student. I’ve had very positive feedback on my approach to tutoring, and I hope that all my students find me clear, friendly and helpful.

I have PVG Scheme membership due to my work in schools, and I am registered with the General Teaching Council for Scotland.


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